Happy people playing a variety of instruments in a percussion workshop team building activity

Team Building

Making music together creates a shared vision and connection that gives confidence to all and opens up a positive attitude to what can be achieved as a group. Many people give a collective groan when the idea of “team building” is raised, which is unsurprising given that many traditional team building activities tend to emphasise the divisions in a team, with the dominant members leading and asserting themselves whilst the quieter ones just let them get on with it and hide in the background.

Energising, Uplifting and Accessible to All

Mark Walker’s sessions are the complete opposite. He starts with an introduction that acknowledges participants’ different perspectives and starting positions, (albeit in a relaxed and humorous manner), and very quickly has a group who are equals, having fun together and creating a fantastic sound in harmony – the dominant members can’t dominate and the quieter members can’t hide, but the important thing is, they don’t want to, they are too busy interacting, creating, being inspired, and above all, having fantastic fun in harmony.

And through this fun team issues are unobtrusively highlighted – working together, roles within a team, communication, support, trust, positivity to achieve, being creative as individuals and together, playing to the same beat and the power of the collective are inherent throughout.

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Team Building Activities

DRUMS – all delegates create uplifting and inspiring rhythms with drums.

BOOMWHACKERS – musical plastic tubes struck on the hand that create enchanting melodies and are easy to distribute to large conference attendees in seconds.

SAMBA – Delegates all participate in creating a fantastic Samba Drum band, using an array of samba drums and percussion.

PERCUSSION – Small hand held percussion for large numbers of delegates (300 plus), to accompany drums and rhythms from volunteers on stage.

BODY PERCUSSION AND MOVEMENT – African Body Percussion, Icelandic War Chant, German Shuplatter (lederhosen style clapping and thigh slapping rhythms), Karate chops.

SONG AND DANCE – African song and dance, Latin and Belly Dancing, (very visual, interactive and humorous).

DRUM WAITERS – After dinner drum performance followed by optional boomwhacker session.