Team Building Sessions and Their Applications

Our team building drumming sessions can simply be fun activities that create a great team atmosphere and unites participants, or they can highlight specific aspects of teams and working in a group, including roles, dynamics, trust, communication, synergy, leadership, clarity, listening, support, humanity, flexibility etc.

On occasions the brief for a session starts with the current situation that teams are working in silos, neither communicating with each other nor working together. Using musical analogies and anecdotes from his professional career Mark Walker helps to highlight the importance of listening, respect, trust and support.

Tailoured To The Needs Of Your Company

Mark has also run workshops using specific team models – for Tesco he incorporated Professor Belbin’s team roles, and for Unilever activities were linked in with Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Many clients simply want a uniting and motivating activity that’s fun and creates a great team spirit, but if there is a specific theme to the session Mark is usually able to find a way of making metaphors or analogies out of the session that can link in, although any messages are delivered in a casual, non patronising, non-cheesy way!

For businesses undergoing structural or organisational change Mark has developed a session linked in with this, working through the cycle of change during the course of the event.

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