Delegates playing barrel drums - team building drum energisers in Europe

Team Building Drum Energisers in Europe

Mark Walker has a wealth of experience delivering team building drum energisers in Europe and further afield, having presented sessions at conferences in Dubai, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Paris, Prague, Istanbul, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Munich, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Dublin, Salzburg, Sitges, and Budapest.

Team building drum energisers are particularly good for events where many languages are spoken amongst participants as music is a language that dissolves the linguistic boundaries between your delegates. Whilst the sessions are delivered in English, Marks delivery style and the nature of the activities make it easy for anyone to join in and to enjoy the benefits of the drumming activities.

Boomwhackers are particularly good for overseas conferences as they are lightweight, compact, and can be taken as luggage in the water butts that are also used for the session. For drum and percussion events in Europe equipment can be freighted overland in advance of a conference or hired in the territory.

Please get in contact to discuss how we can enhance your European event or if you would like to talk through the logistics involved for your location.