People enjoying playing boomwhackers team building activities

Empowering and Unifying

Talking Drums’ team building activities don’t just involve drumming, a vast array of percussion instruments are utilised as well, including didgeridoos, washboards, harmonicas and pan pipes, traditional percussion such as tambourines, cowbells and maracas, boomwhackers, plus a variety of fun sound effects like rain sticks, horns and bird calls, which create a lot of amusement and enhance the experience. Get in touch to discuss the best options for you.

Whatever the style, music relies on teamwork – a group of people creating a piece which arouses emotions, stimulates excitement and motivates action. Listening to music can be moving and uplifting, but making music is inspiring, empowering, and above all, unifying.

Team Building Activities

DRUMS – All delegates create uplifting and inspiring rhythms with drums.

BOOMWHACKERS – Musical plastic tubes struck on the hand that create enchanting melodies and are easy to distribute to large conference attendees in seconds.

SAMBA – Delegates all participate in creating a fantastic Samba Drum band, using an array of samba drums and percussion.

PERCUSSION – A host of percussion and world music instruments, from tambourines and maracas to didgeridoos and washboards, for a wide variety of activities.

BODY PERCUSSION AND MOVEMENT – African Body Percussion, Icelandic War Chant, German Shuplatter (lederhosen style clapping and thigh slapping rhythms), Karate chops.

SONG AND DANCE – African song and dance, Latin salsa and limbo, Middle Eastern chant and belly dancing (very visual, interactive and humorous).

DRUM WAITERS – After dinner drum performance followed by optional boomwhacker session.