Two women clapping and laughing during a warm up

Talking Drums creates a powerful team spirit and has the following benefits:

  • Breaks through barriers of age, gender, culture, language, and race.
  • Every individual is equally important, whether management or employee – can help break down hierarchical barriers and creates a connection.
  • Stimulates and awakens all the senses – ideal for energising weary conference attendees
  • No limit on numbers, effective for any number of participants from 10 – 2,000 or more
  • Can be used as a metaphor to tie in with event specific brand values, messages, themes and learning points
  • Flexible – sessions can be anything between 10 minutes and 3 hours, and all activities can be geared to specific events, so that events are bespoke rather than “off the shelf”
  • The event can take place anywhere… hotels, conference centres, business premises, external venues etc.
  • Increases awareness of others – participants positively listen and respond to each other
  • Enhances focus, clarity of thinking and receptiveness to outside influences
  • Individuals feel the power and benefit of a group and can take a leading or supportive role
  • The result is immediate – participants experience the positive and inspiring effect instantly, building confidence and team cohesiveness
  • Highlights the importance of dynamics and roles within a group
  • Inspirational, entertaining, highly motivating, and stress relieving
  • Highlights the place of individuality within a group – there is no right or wrong way to participate – whilst at the same time emphasising the power and significance of a team
  • Participants feel exhilarated by the energy of the group
  • Initial scepticism is quickly dissipated and replaced by enthusiasm – great metaphor for embracing change and being open to new ideas
  • No previous experience of playing drums is required
  • Sessions build an immediate synergy within a group that can normally take a long time to develop
  • Making music empowers a team to do things they never would have thought possible, bringing unity to a group whilst bringing out its humanity.
  • Easy – anyone can make a sound with a drum or percussion instrument, and, with facilitation, everyone can play a simple rhythm, (for example “We Will Rock You” or the “Football Clap” performed at football matches around the country), so with relatively little effort and time a group of completely inexperienced players can sound like a powerful tribal drum group.