Mark Walker leading a samba energiser with participants onstage playing barrels

Samba Energisers and Workshops

Samba is an exhilarating activity, with all participants learning rhythms and breaks on a variety of samba percussion instruments, including tom toms, agogo bells, cowbells, tamborims (flat drums), tambourines, cowbells and maracas. Our Samba Energisers are fully inclusive and build to a finale that is uniting, uplifting, exhilarating and motivating, not to mention fantastic fun!

Events can start with the samba leader and assistant drummers coming into the conference on a given cue, or drumming as delegates enter the room after a break. The idea of a samba band is introduced, and the delegates will choose from a selection of percussion instruments. Over the next  30 – 40 minutes they will learn the rhythms and breaks that will be used for the finale.

The beats taught are simple and lock together easily, with breaks and orchestration that creates a united, uplifting and highly energising whole group performance.

Break out rooms

If break out rooms are available, sessions will start in the same way as above, with a drum performance and a warm up, and then the delegates will be split into groups and be taken to breakout rooms where there will be an assortment of drums and percussion. Here they will learn the samba rhythms and breaks that will be used for the finale.

Upon the delegates return to the main room the different groups will be put together creating a large samba percussion band, making for an exhilarating, musical and highly uplifting end to a fantastic session.