Mark Walker playing drums for Caravan

Mark Walker – Drummer

Mark Walker is a professional drummer and percussionist, currently playing for 70s prog legends Caravan, who he joined in 2010 and with whom he has toured around the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA.

Mark was one of the original drummers in the West End Production of the Lion King, and a member of the Jack Dee Show House band. He has recorded at Abbey Road, Air, and many other top studios, has played 5 times at the Glastonbury Festival on the main stage, and has performed at the Royal Albert Hall, Festival Hall, Edinburgh Fringe, Monte Carlo Opera House and most major venues in the UK.


He has written two well respected drum tutorials and as a journalist for Rhythm, the UK’s leading drum magazine, has contributed hundreds of articles and has interviewed many of the world’s most famous drummers, including Coldplay’s Will Champion and the legendary Steve Gadd. You can see some of these articles here!

Participative and Corporate

In the late 90s and early noughties Mark became established as one of the UK’s most prominent participative drum show artists, performing on GMTV, BBC1 and Sky, and at multi-cultural festivals around the UK including regularly at the Rhythmsticks Festival on the Southbank, Europe’s largest annual drum festival.

He has been running energisers and sessions at corporate events for over 15 years and has a wealth of experience to draw on from presenting over 500 conference and team building sessions to satisfied clients including over 50 FTSE Top 100 companies.

Mark Walker is endorsed by Zildjian Cymbals  and Protection Racket Drum Cases.