Mark Walker onstage delivering a drum energiser

Mark Walker delivers drum energiser sessions in a relaxed, humorous manner, creating a convivial environment in which participants are enthused and enlivened. Delegates respond and relate easily to his natural, non-threatening, non-patronising and comfortable approach.

Mark addresses participants in an engaging way, meaning that by the end of a session delegates are doing things they would never have thought they would be willing to do at the outset. But although participants undoubtedly come out of their comfort zone, there is never a time that they are made to feel uncomfortable, and sessions are always lead professionally with integrity and in a secure and structured environment.

Key conference themes, messages and points can be built into the sessions and energisers. These are delivered in a casual, off the cuff manner, creating positivity and concurrence in delegates rather than the groan factor negativity that patronising sledge hammered bullet points can sometimes produce.

Prior to an event Mark listens to a client’s brief and adapts his activities to suit their needs rather than attempting to shoe-horn a set menu of activities into an event. All shows are bespoke and unique to the clients’ requirements, though there are often common threads between conferences which mean Mark has a wealth of experiences to draw from.