Drumming Activities Led By Mark Walker

Mark Walker’s drumming session is a highly popular conference activity that is fully inclusive, a complete leveller, extremely easy and sounds fantastic within seconds of the session starting, creating a really positive can do attitude. Mark has developed several rhythms that participants pick up immediately and are infectious, with everyone naturally following Mark and his drummers to create an inspiring and uplifting beat.

Most sessions are a surprise for the delegates and Mark and his team are experienced at keeping it this way until the reveal moment, with drums hidden prior to the event starting. They are then distributed to tables or rows whilst the introduction is taking place, with a warm up that engages the delegates and makes them comfortable to participate in the upcoming drumming activities.

Depending on the length of the session, in addition to generalised beats it is possible to incorporate rhythms from drum groups around the world including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, America and Europe. These are often used at international and EMEA conferences, and are ideal for any conference where stronger together and working as a team are the themes.

Inclusive and Accessible to All

Everyone has natural rhythm and is able to participate in the session – much of the success comes from the fact that many people assume they won’t be able to do it but within seconds are an integral part of a group creating a wonderful tribal rhythm.
All events are assisted by at least one drummer, and for larger conferences extra drummers are used to support the dru,,img activities. These drummers can perform at the start of the event, drumming delegates back into the room after a break or coming into the room drumming after a presentation.

At many conferences drummers have been joined in an opening performance by members of senior management or conference speakers playing simple rhythms that can be learned in literally five minutes. This makes for an exciting and entertaining spectacle for the delegates, showing management in a new light, and focuses attention for subsequent presentations.

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