As the lockdown eases organisations are slowly returning to the new normal. Teams will be more important than ever, vital to recovery and future prosperity, and they will need to be re-engaged and re-focused. After this period of worry and stress individuals and teams are also ready for some fun!

That is why Mark Walker is adapting his renowned Talking Drums workshops to bring socially distanced team building sessions to your offices or venue of choice; indoors or outdoors. As well as having a great time and helping re-build teams, all sessions will be absolutely safe.  All drums and instruments will be meticulously cleaned before and after each event. All government guidelines will be strictly adhered-to: and this will include social distancing, pre-meeting set-up and prompt clearance once your event is over. But these vital safety measures will in no way change your team experience – it will still be energetic, bonding, supportive, collaborative, uniting, passionate, joyful, diverse and above all, fun.

It’s time to beat the drum for the teams that will drive your post Covid 19 recovery.  To find out why over half of the FTSE Top 100 companies have used Talking Drums and how to set-up your customised team session,

contact Mark now on 0800 8047178 or email mark@corporatedrumming.co.uk